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Smaug the saltwater crocodile

We have worked on almost 200  filming projects since 1995, ranging from natural history documentaries to feature films, working with both small and large budgets, and both little and big expectations. Adam Britton has an international reputation in this area, and he brings this wealth of experience to Big Gecko to provide flexible and free-thinking solutions to obtain the footage you require. We have also forged strong links with many valuable partners throughout northern Australia, and we have access to many unique resources.

We can provide advice and direct support on what to film, where to film, and how best to get it. We can provide a variety of suitable wild locations, and we can provide crocodiles in both captive and wild situations if required. We can direct crocodile behaviour for the camera, and we can appear on camera in any capacity from participant to presenter. We can provide vehicles, boats and other kinds of logistical support, and we can provide access to specialised filming facilities for crocodiles and other aquatic wildlife. We can also organise equipment through our local Darwin contacts, book both accommodation and third-party vehicles, and recommend additional support personnel (eg. camera grips, fixers, drivers).

Adam and Gumagen the freshwater crocodileAdam has considerable experience in front of the camera as well, acting as both an onscreen expert and presenter where required. He has enormous passion and enthusiasm for crocodiles, and loves communicating this to a wider audience at any level; he's worked on delivering accurate science and natural history about crocodiles, as well as more fun content for kids and a wide audience.

He's caught both the tiniest and the largest (literally) crocodiles on camera, he's crept up on them in the wild and discussed their biology and behaviour, he's set up and been involved in groundbreaking sequences such as taking tissue samples from wild Nile crocodiles while diving with them, or the first-ever high speed footage of a crocodile galloping, he's advised on the construction of artificial crocodiles for research, and ancient crocodiles for education, and he's also just encouraged everyone to appreciate the wonder of these amazing creatures.

Underwater filming facility

Big Gecko has built its own natural billabong populated with native vegetation and wildlife which can be used as a "topside" and "underwater" filming facility - the only "dedicated" crocodile filming facility of its kind.

A custom-designed "wet room" enables safe and unobtrusive filming of dangerous or shy animals in the main pool, without the usual problems associated with filming through acrylic or glass. Certified electrical facilities are also available for lighting (night filming) and other equipment.

Saltwater crocodile destroys wallaby (480p)

Stock footage

Big Gecko has collaborated with Biopixel to offer stock footage of our crocodile both underwater and topside. Formats include RED 4k, 2k, 60 fps and 1,000 fps, plus GoPro 4k. Previews are available at and footage can be licensed directly from

Smaug underwater rise